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Making people happy

This is every employee’s ultimate goal! Scrapbooking and sticking everything you like, painting to your heart’s content in all the colors of the rainbow, letting your imagination run wild. That’s why our products are here for, that’s why we work hard for.

Not only do we match our client’s expectations, but we also anticipate their needs, our customers have helped us become an important player on the market. Without even being aware of using our products, you’ve probably crafted something beautiful with our glues, paints, or inks, whether it was in a classroom, a kindergarten, at work, or at home. Every year we supply millions of tubes, jars, and bottles from our Dutch factory to our customers in the Netherlands and abroad, under Collall or as a private label for one of your favorite brands.

Glue has always been our flagship product and we are proud to manufacture adhesives for creative purposes. Adding paint and ink to our product range was a bold move but taking up challenges is part of Collall’s DNA. Our Magic Paint and AquaTint are now as popular as our glue with our customers, we’re making people even happier with our expanded range.

Collall is a true family business. When we think about the future, we see our employees as our main asset. A healthy working environment is key to the success of a company and if we want to make our customers happy, we have to take good care of our employees. We are proud to celebrate the people we work with!

Quality, Sustainability, and Innovation. We remain true to our origins while evolving and adapting to today’s world. We listen carefully to our customers and employees so that we can continuously improve the quality of our products and processes. We are constantly looking for sustainable raw materials and recycling options. Our R&D team works on innovative and greener ingredients to build a creative and sustainable future.

At Collall, we are committed to protecting the planet. Day in, day out. With our hearts and souls.

Collall has been manufacturing glue for over 70 years. Our mission, our ambition and our customers are the same, but our raw material, our manufacturing process and our line of products have kept evolving. Collall is always looking ahead without ever forgetting about its origins.

Collall over the years

In 1949, an eccentric Dutch man who was using synthetic resin to repair his sailing boat made a great discovery: that resin was an excellent adhesive. The Haarlem native decided to turn his discovery into a company that would manufacture glue and that he would name “Collall”, a contraction of the French word “coller” (to glue) and the English word “all”. Thanks to an effective marketing campaign, the company quickly made a name for itself.

The tubes of clear all-purpose glue were on the shelves of every supply and department stores while being sold to a great number of schools. Shortly after the release of our first product, we released the super glue and kept expanding our product line in the following years.

In 1978, Alys van Leuven, who was the bookkeeper, took over the company with her husband Nic.

From Haarlem to Stadskanaal

As the business kept growing, the premises located in a residential area of Harlem soon became too small. In 1984, Alys and Nic decided to drive around the Netherlands with their two daughters in search of a better place to relocate the factory. They finally set their sights on Stadskanaal, a stone’s throw from the location of our current building. Glue remained the flagship product, but they took over small companies and collaborated with others to expand the product range with paints and inks.

Five years after the relocation to Stadskanaal, we inaugurated a brand-new warehouse just across the street and three more expansions were to follow over the years, as production continued to grow and the adhesives were shipped all over the world. In 2000, Patrick van Rhijn and his brother-in-law Luuk Schaub took over the company, but the sudden death of Schaub in 2010 led Alys’ daughter, Hester van Rhijn, to take on greater responsibilities within the company.

The company’s history is far from being over, Patrick and Hester have great plans and ambitions for the future of Collall: one of their top priorities is to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The company offers opportunities to disabled workers in order to create a healthy working environment for everyone. People are much more than their handicap, but they often struggle to find a fulfilling job. When someone is offered the opportunity to show what they can do, it’s a real boost to their self-confidence and enthusiasm. It’s a win-win situation for the employers and their employees!

Collall works hand in hand with education programs and an organization called Cosis that helps with the integration of people with disabilities.

Offering a healthy workplace, celebrating employees’ anniversaries and making people happy, these are part of the core values of Collall!

All Collall brands

Always responsible

Safety and environment


We continuously strive to improve the quality of our products. For over 70 years, we have guaranteed the best quality for our products. They meet both our very strict guidelines and the European legislation for Safety, Health and Environment.


REACH is a European regulation on the production and trade of chemical substances. It describes what companies and governments must comply with.

REACH stands for: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances. This regulation applies to all countries within the European Union. REACH is intended to inform the users of chemicals about the risks of substances used, and thereby promote their safe use. The industry is responsible for the testing of all substances and making all the chemical safety information available to their customers.

All Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available directly from Collall and can be requested at

Here you can find the key information about the properties, processing and handling, transport and storage of the chemicals that we use.

A number of Collall products are tested according to the NEN-EN 71 standards. This applies to all of our products that are labeled as toys. A toy is a product that has been manufactured for children up to 14 years old.

The tests are conducted by independent laboratories.

Binding strengthens us

VLK, Dutch Association for the Adhesive & Sealant Industry 

We are a member of the VLK, the association for the adhesive & sealant industry in the Netherlands. The VLK monitors a European level playing field for its technical and economic interests.

The member companies are mostly active on a European or global scale. With over twenty members, the VLK represents an estimated 75% of the adhesive and sealant sales in the Netherlands.

Collall participates in meetings on issues such as product safety, health and environment. This keeps us up to date with the latest regulations.

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Collall likes to contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility. This can be done in several areas OR fields. Some concrete examples of our CSR activities are:

Business processes like sustainable production and transport, recycling and reusing materials (e.g., our bottles). Most of our products are produced in Stadskanaal with European raw materials. By producing in the Netherlands, no raw materials need to be transported across the ocean unnecessarily. As part of our recycling and reusing policy, we have switched from LDPE to HDPE packaging for approximately 80% of our packaging of adhesives. This has led to a reduction in weight, which means that we produce less waste. A large part of the bottles we sell are made from recycled HDPE. This is a plastic that has already been used for something else, so that no new raw materials (petroleum) are needed.

Our new premises are sustainable and high-performing buildings: increased insulation of floors, walls and roof, balanced ventilation with heat recovery, sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting.

We’re also promoting employment in our region, since we manufacture our products in the Netherlands with primarily Dutch raw materials, most of our employees and suppliers are also located in the Netherlands. We also sponsor and support social and community projects and charities.

Part of our assembly work is carried out by the Cosis day care center that helps with the integration of people with disabilities, and the Meidoornschool, which is a “very original” (hence their slogan “bijzonder Speciaal!”) alternative school for children with severe learning difficulties.

Collall is proud to offer a healthy working environment for everybody and help people work together. People are much more than their handicap, but they often struggle to find a fulfilling job. When someone is offered the opportunity to show what they can do, it’s a real boost to their self-confidence and enthusiasm. It’s a win-win situation for the employers and their employees!

Our team

We are proud of our Collall Team

Collall is a true family business. The world is changing faster than ever before, and we have to keep improving our processes and products. Development has always been a top priority for us. A healthy working environment is key to the success of a company and if we want to make our customers happy, we have to take good care of our employees. We have an energetic hardworking professional Collall Team. Each team member is unique and brings their skills, talents and experiences.

We strongly value respect, equality, trust, cooperation, and humor.

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All in a row

  • Gerrit: 20 years in service
  • Grietje: 20 years of service
  • Martin: 12.5 years in service
  • Jelle: 20 years in service
  • Ruben: 20 years in service
  • Patrick: 25 years Collall
  • Jan: 12,5 years in service
  • Bala: 20 years in service
  • Tineke: 12.5 years in service

We warmly congratulate them all on this festive milestone and hope to celebrate more anniversaries with them in the future!