Textilico Textile Markers

For permanent decorating cotton, linen and silk


Permanent textile markers with a fine point. The 12 colours will help get you a fantastic end result. Suitable for most types of fabric. Wash any new textiles first. To stop the ink coming through and staining the work surface, place a piece of cardboard under or between the textile. After drawing with the ink, let it dry well and then fix it by ironing the textile for 2 minutes on the inside. After fixing, the coloured textile can be washed normally in the washing machine up to 60°C.

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Artikel nr: COLPTXL02
Textile markers light bleu
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL03
Textile markers dark bleu
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL11
Textile markers red
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL21
Textile markers light green
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL22
Textile markers dark green
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL30
Textile markers yellow
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL37
Textile markers orange
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL40
Textile markers brown
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL50
Textile markers pink
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL53
Textile markers magenta
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL56
Textile markers purple
℮: 6
Artikel nr: COLPTXL63
Textile markers black
℮: 12
Artikel nr: COLPTXL90
Textile markers 6 pcs. in a tube assorted
EAN: 8711557408813
℮: 1
Artikel nr: COLPTXL91
Textile markers 12 pcs. in a tube assorted
EAN: 8711557408806
℮: 1