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Colorall Flock Paint Flakes

Colorall Flock are creative colored paint flakes. They can be applied to almost any surface. It is very durable and easy to clean. Flock provides a natural stone effect!


Application: Colorall Flock Painf Flakes can be applied to almost any surface.


  • Various color combinations and colors
  • Durable
  • Odorless
  • Irregular shape 2-10 mm

Solvent: 100% solid components

Main component:




  • Apply a layer of paint or Collall Varnish Glue. In this still wet paint or glue, sprinkle the paint chips. As you sprinkle from a greater height, the Flock disperses more evenly (like snow). Flock paint chips can be ground by hand to achieve an even finer result.
  • After drying, carefully sand away the loose parts with a scouring sponge.
  • Afterward, you can finish the whole with Collall Decoupage Varnish.
  • Tip: Treat highly absorbent materials with, for example, Collall Bookbinder’s Glue beforehand. As Flock paint chips are porous, they absorb the color of the paint/glue partially. Thus, Flock paint chips yield a different result on each color of paint!


Suitable for: Ages 3 and above.

Cleaning: Colorall Flock Paint Chips are easy to clean, depending on the type of glue used.


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Artikel nr: COLFL0150540
Flock Rome
EAN: 8711557102001
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150541
Flock Hawaï
EAN: 8711557102018
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150542
Flock Breda
EAN: 8711557102025
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150543
Flock Rio glitter
EAN: 8711557102179
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150544
Flock Antarctica glitter
EAN: 8711557102186
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150545
Flock Provence
EAN: 8711557102193
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150546
Flock Jaipur
EAN: 8711557102209
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150547
Flock El Dorado glitter
EAN: 8711557102216
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150548
Flock Santiago
EAN: 8711557102223
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150549
Flock Gouda
EAN: 8711557102032
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150550
Flock Aberdeen
EAN: 8711557102032
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150552
Flock Siena
EAN: 8711557102049
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150553
Flock Tokyo
EAN: 8711557102056
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150554
Flock Mexico
EAN: 8711557102063
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150555
Flock Paris
EAN: 8711557102070
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150556
Flock Delft
EAN: 8711557102087
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150557
Flock X-Mas
EAN: 8711557102094
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150558
Flock Oslo
EAN: 8711557102162
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150559
Flock Dublin
EAN: 8711557102100
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150564
Flock Genua
EAN: 8711557102117
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150565
Flock Kreta
EAN: 8711557102124
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150566
Flock Belfast
EAN: 8711557102131
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150567
Flock Athene
EAN: 8711557102148
℮: 150 g
Artikel nr: COLFL0150574
Flock Bonn
EAN: 8711557102155
℮: 150 g